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The Best Skate in LA this Weekend

This weekend, some of the best figure skaters of the last decade perform in “2010 All That Skate LA”, an exhibition performance featuring some of the world’s most popular skaters including Yu Na Kim, Michelle Kwan, Stephane Lambiel and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I received a press release about this event that included some [...]

Yu-Na Kim Makes Some Off-Season Cash

Did you know that Yu-Na Kim was the second highest earning athlete at the 2010 Olympics? She made more than 8 million dollars last year in product endorsements. And that was before she was Olympic champion! Yu-Na has been hard at it, endorsing everything from mascara to smoothie drinks to air conditioning units. Brian Orser [...]

How Figure Skating Works: Triple Lutz-Triple Toe Tutorial

Every now and then I try to explain the physics of figure skating. Since I majored in Fine Arts, not Physics, my explanations usually break down into violent arm gestures and long-winded diatribes on why figure skating is impossibly difficult! So, I was delighted to discover this articulate and beautifully rendered tutorial on the physics [...]