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The Times They Are a Changin’

I was watching some old figure skating footage on YouTube, which is totally addictive by the way. Specifically, I was reliving Liz Manley’s free program from the ’88 Olympics–I know, I know, I was in a rather nostalgic mood. During the performance the commentators made a rather big deal that Liz Manley was seeing a [...]

Copy Cat

Chicskate makes a very good point about Fumie Suguri copying Sasha Cohen's skating dresses. It's funny, in both her short and long program at Skate Canada my seat neighbour commented that neither of Fumie's dresses suited her very well. Perhaps this is why.

Why Don’t These Skaters Retire?

Why won't Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Emanuel Sandhu retire? Okay, I can see the temptation for Sandhu to hang on for the Olympics in his hometown, but the US ladies must know that their time has come and gone, especially after what happened in Turino. Sasha Cohen registered to compete in this year's US [...]

Inspirational Spirals

After last week’s ladies Olympic long program my adult figure skating students were inspired to work on spiral sequences and improve their turns and foot work in this week’s lesson. That’s because the quality of free skating has improved so much due to the new judging system that audiences are beginning to enjoy the skating [...]

The Shape of Things to Come

It’s a mystery how the US produces such outstanding female figure skaters. Canadians in particular must wonder as it’s been more than a decade since we’ve seen remarkable female free skaters in Canada (sorry, Jennifer Robinson). While watching both the Canadian and US women compete this weekend I couldn’t help but wonder if the shape [...]