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Canadian Ice Dancers Make Olympic History

I feel so lucky! I was one of 11,000 skating fans at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver to witness Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dance their way to Olympic gold. It was an evening of perfection led by the Canadian duo whose complex, powerful and emotionally profound free dance left the audience in an awestruck, [...]

Manley and Witt Reunited at Robson Square

Last weekend I went to Robson Square to see Elizabeth Manley and Katarina Witt reunited 22 years after the Calgary Olympics. Hundreds of fans came out to get a glimpse of the figure skating icons. For so many Canadians, Manley’s flawless free program in Calgary was the highlight of the ’88 Games. Manley and Witt [...]

Get Four Continents 2009 Tickets Today

Being the 2010 Olympics host city sure has its benefits–if you can forget the construction nightmares and the Olympic news overdose. In preparation for the Games, all the Olympic venues must host a variety of events to ensure that they are ready to go for the big event. Last year we enjoyed the Canadian Figure [...]

2010 Olympic Alert: Figure Skating Schedule Has Been Posted

For those of you planning your life around the 2010 Olympic figure skating schedule (yes, some of us are very ridiculous indeed) the daily schedule has been posted. You can download it here. The competition will wrap with the Ladies Free Skate, which I think means the ISU is anticipating a fierce ladies event. If [...]

From the Archives: Compulsory Figures Explained by Dick Button

With compulsory figures still on my mind from my last post, I came across this fascinating TV clip from the 1988 Winter Olympics with highlights from the women’s compulsory figure event in Calgary. There are two especially interesting moments in this 10-minute clip, narrated by American figure skating bigwigs, Dick Button and Peggy Flemming. First, [...]

Eight of the Worst Falls in Figure Skating

Figure skating isn’t all just toe loops and twirls. Figure skaters fall. A lot. When learning a new jump or lift, they fall hundreds, even thousands of times. Most falls are harmless, but occasionally, things get ugly. Here are eight recent examples from the world of competitive figure skating (in order from bruising to downright [...]

The Times They Are a Changin’

I was watching some old figure skating footage on YouTube, which is totally addictive by the way. Specifically, I was reliving Liz Manley’s free program from the ’88 Olympics–I know, I know, I was in a rather nostalgic mood. During the performance the commentators made a rather big deal that Liz Manley was seeing a [...]

Dube and Davidson Off to a Good Start at Skate America

A drawback to living in Malta with no TV for the next couple of months is that I’m relegated to watching skating on YouTube–and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s so desperate that I haven’t seen Jessica Dube and Bryce Davidson’s Skate America free program yet. Someone post it please! I’m guessing that the long [...]

Surya Bonaly Speaks Out for PETA

Skating fans will remember French figure skater and three-time Olympian Surya Bonaly for her high-flying jumps, athleticism and flexibility. Or you may remember Bonaly for her defiant attitude at the 1994 World Championships where she believed she was robbed of a gold medal and so stood beside the podium instead of on it. She eventually [...]

Gary Beacom Needs a Wikipedia Entry

Gary Beacom is a true independent in figure skating. He adopted a signature style of skating that adheres to scientific principles (he's got a degree in Physics) and focuses on edges considerably more than jumps. Skate Canada (then the Canadian Figure Skating Association) certainly didn't 'get' him and considered him a rebel. Despite choosing to [...]