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The Best Skate in LA this Weekend

This weekend, some of the best figure skaters of the last decade perform in “2010 All That Skate LA”, an exhibition performance featuring some of the world’s most popular skaters including Yu Na Kim, Michelle Kwan, Stephane Lambiel and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I received a press release about this event that included some [...]

Does Figure Skating Need to Man Up?

Seven-time Canadian Champion Elvis Stojko has been speaking out about a lack of masculinity in the men’s figure skating event. As a life-long figure skating fan, I too have seen a rise in effeminate costumes and choreography. When Dick Button, Brian Boitano and Kurt Browning were skating, men didn’t do ladylike layback spins or make [...]

Everyone and Anyone Can Enjoy Skating, Even If You’re No Expert

And here's what the folks sitting around me at Skate Canada had to say: "Holy mackerel!" Yelped every time a skater landed a jump. "Whoopsie!" From someone's grandmother, as Johnny Weir accepts a bouquet from a fan…, "Oh, I think that's his wife." Come on! On a skater doubling a jump…, "Oh, that was a [...]