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So, Do You Think Emanuel Sandhu Can Dance?

It wasn’t until I was flipping through the channels one evening and saw Emanuel Sandhu standing on an empty stage that I realized he was a competitor on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Now, deep into the competition he’s in the “final flight” and has a chance to win the title. It’s familiar [...]

Only Canadian Dance and Pairs in Grand Prix Final

After such a good start to the Grand Prix series, Joannie Rochette will have to settle with being first alternate for the Grand Prix final. It's a disappointing end to the series for both Rochette and Sandhu, who couldn't hold it together in their respective events.  Still, Joannie Rochette continues to be a favourite, especially [...]

Why Don’t These Skaters Retire?

Why won't Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Emanuel Sandhu retire? Okay, I can see the temptation for Sandhu to hang on for the Olympics in his hometown, but the US ladies must know that their time has come and gone, especially after what happened in Turino. Sasha Cohen registered to compete in this year's US [...]

Let the Season Begin!

The break is over. And what an intriguing start to the BC skating season. Here’s some of the news: After being described in print as, “God’s reward to Joanne McLeod for the frustration of coaching Emanuel Sandhu,” it seems McLeod wasn’t down with not being in charge of every aspect of the young Leung’s training. [...]

Ladies Deliver in Turin

The women demonstrated tremendous athleticism and artistry in the short program in Turin. I had high expectations for the women’s event and so far the skaters have not disappointed. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the men. The last two seasons have been a display of inconsistent jumping, off-ice theatrics and lack-luster performances. While [...]