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Why Are Compulsory Figures a Thing of the Past?

A reader contacted me a couple of weeks ago wanting to learn more about compulsory figures. He’d heard about them before, but wasn’t sure why they were never mentioned on television broadcasts. Compulsory figures were once the heart of figure skating–hence figure skating–but they’re no longer part of the sport. It’s difficult to explain exactly [...]

From the Archives: Compulsory Figures Explained by Dick Button

With compulsory figures still on my mind from my last post, I came across this fascinating TV clip from the 1988 Winter Olympics with highlights from the women’s compulsory figure event in Calgary. There are two especially interesting moments in this 10-minute clip, narrated by American figure skating bigwigs, Dick Button and Peggy Flemming. First, [...]

Thank You Google for More Diagrams of Compulsory Figures

One of the most frequent questions I get here at Boot and Blade is whether I have, or know where to find, diagrams of compulsory figures. It’s remarkable to me that there are so very few instances of compulsory figures on the web. I suppose the answer is simple: the rise of the web coincided [...]

Go Figure!

After posting a short while ago about compulsory figures a reader asked if I had any pictures of the designs figures make on the ice. Sure enough, I dug up some old skating books and found these diagrams. It's not quite the same as seeing tracings carved into the ice, but it gives an idea [...]

Figure Skating History: Compulsory Figures

As I've mentioned before, I teach an adult figure skating class once a week. Every now and then I try to get my students to do compulsory figure exercises. Many of them have never heard about compulsory figures and don't see the point in doing them. In case, dear reader, you also haven't heard much [...]