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Kudos to Skate Canada

I’ll admit that I haven’t always been Skate Canada’s biggest fan. Back in the day when it was called the Canadian Figure Skating Association and I was a member skater, the organization often seemed disorganized and ineffective. While it continues to make some odd personnel and administrative decisions, I have to commend Skate Canada on [...]

Why I Love Canadians

Two days into the senior competition at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in Vancouver and I dig this competition more than ever. Maybe it's because Canadians was my ultimate goal as a skater, or perhaps it's because most of the skaters at this competition are experiencing their career highs this week. The intensity and excitement [...]

Bourne and Kraatz, Together Again?

I was pleased to hear that Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz would be appearing together again as the co-chairs of the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in Vancouver in January. It must have been a bitter parting when Kraatz announced his retirement immediately after the dance pair won the 2003 World Championships. No one seemed more [...]

It’s My Favourite Time of Year!

It's my favourite time of year. For some people it's Christmas, for others it's summer holidays. For me it's the Canadian Figure Skating Championships. I know, I know, Worlds are intense and the Olympics are uplifting, but the Canadian Championships are the heart of figure skating in this country. Here are my picks for this [...]

Gary Beacom Needs a Wikipedia Entry

Gary Beacom is a true independent in figure skating. He adopted a signature style of skating that adheres to scientific principles (he's got a degree in Physics) and focuses on edges considerably more than jumps. Skate Canada (then the Canadian Figure Skating Association) certainly didn't 'get' him and considered him a rebel. Despite choosing to [...]