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Manley and Witt Reunited at Robson Square

Last weekend I went to Robson Square to see Elizabeth Manley and Katarina Witt reunited 22 years after the Calgary Olympics. Hundreds of fans came out to get a glimpse of the figure skating icons. For so many Canadians, Manley’s flawless free program in Calgary was the highlight of the ’88 Games. Manley and Witt [...]

Favourite Olympic Moments

Last week there was some discussion on another blog about favourite Olympic moments. Here is mine: My favourite Olympic moment was watching Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov complete a flawless free program in Calgary in 1988. I was a very young pairs skater at the time and was overwhelmed by their performance and its perfection. [...]

Gordeeva and Grinkov Still Win for Most Amazing Skating Moment, Ever

I’ve been a skating fan for a long time… 27 years. And I’ve watched hours and hours of skating competitions. There have been many incredible moments in the sport’s history, but my favourite is still Gordeeva and Grinkov’s long program from the Calgary Olympics in 1988. Just in case there are any new skating fans [...]