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Are Figure Skating Costumes Really That Bad?

Every Olympics I get all kinds of tweets, emails and texts from friends reeling from some pretty terrible figure skating costumes. Believe me, I know they exist. There are numerous blogs, like this Tumblr Skating Fugly, dedicated to gross get-ups.

But, let’s be honest. Not every Olympic sport wins when it comes to costuming and uniforms. Not only were the US speed skating suits blamed for poor race times, they were made even stranger by those weird gray crotch circles that couldn’t help but draw the eye.

Images via Marissa Babin and

Here’s a tip that may help you to understand some of the bizarre costumes you’ll see over the span of the Olympic Games. Remember, costumes are meant to help portray the program’s theme. Weird, nude cutout mid body? Perhaps the skater is trying to bring Scheherazade’s Persian court to life. Similarly, too many feathers may be an attempt at Stravinsky’s “The Firebird.”

I’m not saying they are always a hit, but when it comes to figure skating costumes, context is everything.

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