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Send Joannie Rochette Your Support

Watching Joannie Rochette battle through the short program last night was inspirational and, of course, heartbreaking. Her courage is astounding.

Many fans have expressed their support for Joannie with messages and texts. In this statement, she says that she appreciates all the support:

We both want to thank all the people here and across Canada for their support. We have received so many emails and texts, and we wanted people to know that we read everything that you are sending. We also want everyone to know that these messages are helping us to get through this. We are going to do it with Thérèse (Joannie’s mom). Even though we aren’t able to respond to everyone, please keep them coming for both of us.

You can send Joannie your support as she prepares for the long program. Here’s how:

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