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So, Do You Think Emanuel Sandhu Can Dance?

It wasn’t until I was flipping through the channels one evening and saw Emanuel Sandhu standing on an empty stage that I realized he was a competitor on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Now, deep into the competition he’s in the “final flight” and has a chance to win the title. It’s familiar ground for Sandhu, only without the pressure to land a quad.

Boot and Blade readers know that I’ve never been a Sandhu fan. Still, I thought his So You Think You Can Dance Canada audition piece was wonderful. Take a look:

I love this piece. It shows off both Sandhu’s skill and passion for performance.

When Sandhu skated, I felt he was plagued by technical demands. While he could be a remarkable technician, it seemed he’d really rather be dancing than jumping. Take away the triple-triple combos and he’s a more relaxed performer and a joy to watch.

There’s another thing I took away from watching Sandhu’s audition piece. Apologies to all the dancers out there, but dancing is clearly much easier than figure skating. What you’ve really got is footwork without the toe picks. It’s no wonder Sandhu shines on stage, there are no required elements or death-defying quads to bring him down.

That’s my take. But, I really should ask you. Do you think Emanuel Sandhu can dance?

5 Responses to “So, Do You Think Emanuel Sandhu Can Dance?”

  1. Roland Tanglao Says:

    i think he tries too hard :-) to be a great dancer but he’s better this year!
    p.s. don’t tell a tap dancer or a hip hop dancer that dancing is easier than skating :-) ! them’s fighting words :-)

  2. Julie Says:

    Indeed, they are fighting words! We’ll need to do some scientific analysis to discover which dance form wins the highest technical merit points :-)

  3. Raul Pacheco Says:

    I was very impressed with the triple spins he did! :)

  4. Dustin Says:

    What a cutie :)

  5. Rachybaby Says:

    Yes, Emmanuel can dance.

    Incidentally, saying that figure skating’s “more difficult” than dancing is like saying flying a plane is a more difficult than dancing. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Furthermore, maybe not all dancers can become good figure skaters, but then again…not all figure skaters can be (or are) good dancers. Apples – oranges.

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