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Skate Canada Wants Athletes to ‘Man Up’

Blades of GloryApparently the figure skating TV viewing audience in Canada is way down because figure skating is just too darn gay. In this article, Skate Canada says it’s encouraging skaters and officials to use words like “strength” and “power” when they talk about the sport. Skate Canada is also asking athletes to tone down their costumes.

According to the article there has been some backlash from gay and lesbian advocates who say Skate Canada is trying to make the sport more straight.

Personally, I think Skate Canada is on to something. Not to trade too much on stereotypes, but the men’s team is a pretty effeminate bunch. Let’s be honest, Joannie Rochette could take them in a street fight. Some re-branding may be in order.

3 Responses to “Skate Canada Wants Athletes to ‘Man Up’”

  1. smhayhurst Says:

    The “Pop Star on Ice” documentary discusses in part the criticism some like Johnny Weir have received about their programs and style not being masculine enough, and Weir spoke about it during a Q&A after the films screening at the NewFest film festival in New York last Thursday. I attended the screening and made a few remarks on my blog at http://www.homo-neurotic.com.

  2. Paul Nanan Says:

    Well it is kind of gay but then its men’s figure skating. But its always been kind of gay so why now. You would think people not being afraid of being labeled one way or the other it would not make a difference. Skate Canada has got to stop making this an issue. It is what it is any anyone who feels watching men skating is gay should not be watching it for the sport or comptition.

  3. david Says:

    How about letting skaters just be themselves, masculine or effeminate?

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