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Why is Figure Skating Prize Money Taboo?

The discussion of prize money at International Skating Union (ISU) competitions seems verboten. The spectators sitting beside me at Four Continents had no idea that any of the ISU events offered a cash prize; the TV commentators don’t bring it up; nor do the media report it in their articles. Why is figure skating prize [...]

Star Struck at Four Continents

I’ve got a confession to make. I get star struck around famous skaters. Not today’s superstars–I saw Joannie Rochette in the hallway and didn’t think much of it. No, I get silly around skaters who were phenoms when I was a young(ish) skater–Tracy Wilson, Kurt Browning and Shae-Lynn Bourne. I’d probably faint if I saw [...]

Innovation From, Uh, Mexico

Day two of Four Continents and I’m giddy! I’ve seen some splendid skating thus far. Highlights include Dube and Davison’s free skate and Cynthia Phaneuf and Patrick Chan’s short programs. More to come on this later. Midway through the women’s short, two Mexican skaters performed one after the other, Ana Cecilia Cantu and Michele Cantu. [...]