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Skate Canada Men’s Long — Live

I’m live blogging the Men’s long program from Skate Canada this afternoon, just for fun. I’m offering up some technical assessment along with some general thoughts on the programs.

Brandon Morz, USA

  • First attempt at the quad in competition, very close.
  • That costume is ridiculous.
  • Plenty of touching down on his jumps.
  • Only 17 and this is his first Senior Grand Prix.
  • I get the sense he’s not loving this classical long program.
  • A technically ambitious program.

Pretty impressive showing on his first time out in a Senior Grand Prix. Like all inexperienced Seniors, he’s got that deer-in-the-headlights look. More performance, less fear!

Sergei Voronov, Russia

  • Again with the crazy costume.
  • Idols are apparently Buttle and Sandhu (why Sandhu, I wonder?).
  • Beautiful jumper, seriously high and clean.
  • Methinks the ‘tango’ is being overdone this year.
  • Lots of skating around in the end

The tango theme didn’t really work for me. It’s a lot of skating around without much magic. Certainly, there’s no steamy tango emotion in this program. Jumps look good, but where are the other skating skills?

Final points: 201.59

Evan Lysacek, USA

  • What’s with that tuxedo jacket, it looks like something from the future (as imagined in the 50′s).
  • ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ can be very difficult music to interpret. He’s doing well, but the audience is having trouble keeping up.
  • Those triple axels don’t look clean to me.
  • Even the double axel looks very swingy.
  • A very complex and well-skated program.
  • Nice performance indeed.

How frustrating that those triple axels cause such damage. This was a very nicely skated program. Again, it didn’t grab me emotionally, but I think that’s because the music is too recognizable, while at the same time is quite inaccessible.

Final points: 209.27

Ryan Bradley, USA

  • Oh la la, Latin medley.
  • Great fight for that quad.
  • I really like Ryan’s performance, it’s genuine and fun.
  • Great musicality.
  • This guy’s triple axel is incredible!
  • Laughing outload at the cheesy choreography, but it works when you get the elements.
  • Skating elements are a bit questionable.

So often a skater’s personality is masked by classical music that doesn’t mean anything to them–and it shows. Sure, the choreography is pretty simple here, but skating is a performance sport and when skaters rise to that challenge, both the judges and the audience really appreciate it.

Final points: 212.75

Patrick Chan, Canada

  • Beautiful speed and flow.
  • Hand down on the first triple axel.
  • Triple, triple perfection.
  • Nice to see more emotion and maturity in this year’s performance.
  • The classical music doesn’t seem to be getting the best of him here.
  • Lovely precision so early in the season.
  • Down on the second triple axel.
  • Now, can he hold it together? What kind of a competitor is he?
  • Back with the triple salchow.
  • Such maturity for 17!
  • Losing his edge at the end here. Couple of major glitches.
  • Can he stay on the podium with this performance?

Okay, it’s no secret that I’m a big Patrick Chan fan. This was not a technically great program, but I still enjoyed the performance. His calm demeanor on the ice puts the audience at ease and makes his skating even more enjoyable. Though I know he’ll be disappointed with that skate.

Final points: 215.45–Patrick got a gift today.

Yannick Ponsero, France

  • Great music and costume, very sophisticated.
  • Looks nervous, but pulls off a lovely triple axel.
  • I really like the French male skaters, they are fun to watch.
  • Those trousers are a bit short.
  • Men’s spinning has dramatically improved over the last five years.
  • Yannick is starting to tire a bit, the performance is suffering, as are the jumps.
  • Starting to take out jumps and change choreography.
  • What’s going on? He’s falling apart!

I always wonder what happens when everything is going well and then a skater just starts to lose it. Too tired? Loss of concentration? What is it? He is winning the title and then just gives up. What is that all about?

Final points: 208.97

Truly, I think Patrick Chan got a gift today, and apparently Patrick agrees. It’s the Jeff Buttle story all over again. Patrick didn’t get the big jumps, but wins on beautiful skating, complex footwork and a solid artistic performance. Overall, the skating was quite enjoyable today, especially so early in the season when it can be a dog’s breakfast out there. Well done!

One Response to “Skate Canada Men’s Long — Live”

  1. Jen Says:

    I really think that the mens field is desperately void of the “IT” factor. None of these Guys has star quality. I would bet the audience numbers for SA, SC and every other ISU event this year, are terrible.

    Very few people are interested in the technical, most people want a show, they want personality. Johnny Weir (previously Lambiel) is the only personality draw left on the world stage. I would like to see the audience numbers from shows Johnny was in compared to the ones he was not.

    A skating show has a TV audience, a skating competition has an arena. I don’t think the Buttons, Brownings or ISU understand that.

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