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Top Technique Tip: How to Centre a Spin

When I taught an adult figure skating class at Canada Ice Dance Theatre, one of the big challenges for students was learning how to centre a one-foot spin. In truth, it’s more about practice than advice, but here are some tips that should help you out: Step into the centre of the circle to start [...]

Eight of the Worst Falls in Figure Skating

Figure skating isn’t all just toe loops and twirls. Figure skaters fall. A lot. When learning a new jump or lift, they fall hundreds, even thousands of times. Most falls are harmless, but occasionally, things get ugly. Here are eight recent examples from the world of competitive figure skating (in order from bruising to downright [...]

Hooray for YouTube

Being in Morocco where figure skating is, well, non-existent, meant my viewing options were limited for Worlds. So… I watched the whole competition on YouTube. This is a big shout out to all the folks who posted performances to YouTube for fans like me to watch. Just hours after the competition finished I could view [...]

Very Late Commentary on Worlds

Ack, I’m late! Pardon the very late post on World. I’ve been moving house from Morocco back to British Columbia so it’s been wild around here and Internet access has been spotty. I was chuffed with how Canadians performed in Sweden. I may be wishful thinking, but I believe that if Joanne Rochette would have [...]