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Archive for March, 2008

Victoria Skating Fans… Get Out to See Peter Pan on Ice

If you live in Victoria, British Columbia, love figure skating, and are looking for some weekend entertainment, you could do worse than “Peter Pan on Ice” at the Racquet Club this weekend. Olympian and World Professional Champion, Gary Beacom, and 2008 Canadian bronze medalist, Shawn Sawyer, perform in the production. March 22, 2 PM & [...]

Dube and Davison Get the 2010 Green Light

I admit it, I’m a homer. I want Canadians to do well at Worlds in Sweden. But, even with lofty hopes for our team I wouldn’t have bet on a podium finish for Dube and Davison. Are they peaking too soon, with 2010 still two years off? I don’t think so. Yesterday’s bronze at the [...]

I Don’t Get Synchronized Skating… Enlighten Me

As a skater I tried almost everything. I skated singles, pairs and dance (for a while). The only event I didn’t participate in was synchronized skating. In my time it was called precision team skating. I just didn’t get it. Sure, it was fun to get flung around the end of a pinwheel in skating [...]