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And Now from Japan… Figure Skating Goes to the Dogs

Remember when Elvis Stojko stared in a television ad for McCains orange juice? It always seemed odd to me that he was hawking OJ. Besides, I’m quite sure it was all protein and legumes for Elvis. But, Elvis’ stint as the McCains man doesn’t compare with this strange ad from Japan. It features Mao Asada–a [...]

Top Technique Tip: Spread Eagle

The spread eagle is synonymous with figure skating. It’s a common connecting step that’s all about gliding and grace, speed and perfection. Today’s Top Technique Tip will help you achieve a spread eagle that soars. Skaters of all levels can do spread eagles. Don’t be afraid to try. A spread eagle follows a circular curve [...]

What’s in the Swiss Spinners Special Sauce?

The dynasty of great Swiss spinners is something of a figure skating mystery. It started with 1991 World champion Denise Biellman, the flexy namesake of the ever-popular heel-over-head spin pictured here. Trivia point: The Biellman spin is the only spin named after a figure skater. Then came Natalie Kreig followed by Lucinda Ruh. If you [...]

We’re Making Some Changes Around Here

As you may have noticed, I’m changing things up a bit here at Boot and Blade. Things should be back to normal in a few days. If you’ve subscribed to Boot and Blade via RSS, you’ll need to re-subscribe to the new feed. Sorry about the inconvenience. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Joannie [...]