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Dube and Davidson Off to a Good Start at Skate America

Bryce Davidson and Jessica Dube at Skate AmericaA drawback to living in Malta with no TV for the next couple of months is that I’m relegated to watching skating on YouTube–and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s so desperate that I haven’t seen Jessica Dube and Bryce Davidson’s Skate America free program yet. Someone post it please!

I’m guessing that the long program came off more polished than the short (that one I’ve seen) for them to take the title. Though it’s always a bit rough at the beginning of the season, even for the veterans. Here’s what they say about their win:

“This victory is among our top-three accomplishments so far along with going to the Olympics and winning the national title last season,” Davison said. “It would have been fine if it wasn’t a win too, but it reassures us that all the work we did in the off-season has been beneficial. We need to continue in the right direction and not put too much pressure on ourselves too early.”

The couple kept the same programs as last year, a good call given the amount of time they missed training last season due to injury and “the accident.” A spot on strategy me thinks. That is if they’ve successfully exorcised the free program ghosts.

The challenge for Dube and Davidson will be maintaining focus and concentration through the season, though a win at Skate America is a great confidence booster.

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