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Surya Bonaly Speaks Out for PETA

Skating fans will remember French figure skater and three-time Olympian Surya Bonaly for her high-flying jumps, athleticism and flexibility. Or you may remember Bonaly for her defiant attitude at the 1994 World Championships where she believed she was robbed of a gold medal and so stood beside the podium instead of on it. She eventually [...]

Identifying Figure Skating Jumps: Toe Jumps and Edge Jumps

How do you tell one jump from the next? If you’re not a figure skater it can be tricky. There are two categories of jumps–toe jumps and edge jumps. Successfully identifying toe and edge jumps is the first step to being able to spot all the different jumps. In a toe jump, the toe pick [...]

CBC Offers Great Pics from Tokyo

The CBC website has posted some great photos from Tokyo. I'm sure they'll be adding to the gallery all week. My favourites so far are Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao in mid lift and Mao Asada practicing a Bielman spin, putting most yogis to shame.

Go Figure!

After posting a short while ago about compulsory figures a reader asked if I had any pictures of the designs figures make on the ice. Sure enough, I dug up some old skating books and found these diagrams. It's not quite the same as seeing tracings carved into the ice, but it gives an idea [...]

Worlds for the Non-Figure Skating Fan

I know many visitors to Boot and Blade aren’t avid skating fans. As such, here’s a few top tips for watching the World Figure Skating Championships coming up on March 19-25 in Tokyo, Japan. Don’t miss the TV coverage. For my Canadian readers, CTV/TSN is covering the skating. Here’s the schedule. Choose the right events [...]