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Time to Modernize

DSC_0100.JPGI think it's time for skaters to drop the comfortable classics and bring figure skating into the 21st century! While the men and dance couples made a half-hearted stab at something more current, the women and pairs stuck to the classics, with few exceptions.

Joannie Rochette's free program, skated to Don Juan, was executed with passion and precision, but I couldn't help but feel I'd seen it before.

Instead of sticking to tried-and-true classical music and choreography, it would be most refreshing to see skaters experiment with more current art forms, like modern dance and hip hop. Some skaters that went out on a limb were:

  1. Rochette skated to Jimi Hendrix for her short program. In my opinion Sandra Bezic's choreography was too lyrical for the music, but it was a good try.
  2. Valerie Marcoux/Craig Buntin's long program showed some welcome innovation. If only they'd nailed more elements.
  3. Shawn Sawyer's long program strayed from his usual classical style, but ended up being more like an 80's Euro-pop extravaganza

Keep at it!

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