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Copy Cat

Chicskate makes a very good point about Fumie Suguri copying Sasha Cohen's skating dresses. It's funny, in both her short and long program at Skate Canada my seat neighbour commented that neither of Fumie's dresses suited her very well. Perhaps this is why.

Dubreuil and Lauzon are Captivating

Ice dancing is my least favourite figure skating event. Still, the highlight of this weekend's competition was Dubreuil and Lauzon's free program and exhibition performance. Their effortless, detailed choreography combined with passion for performance and each other was for me exactly what ice dance should be… a love story with speed, complexity, effort, beauty and [...]

But Not a Real Green Dress, That’s Cruel

My mom and I agree, the skaters at Skate Canada wore some of the most beautiful costumes we've ever seen. Except for this one.

Everyone and Anyone Can Enjoy Skating, Even If You’re No Expert

And here's what the folks sitting around me at Skate Canada had to say: "Holy mackerel!" Yelped every time a skater landed a jump. "Whoopsie!" From someone's grandmother, as Johnny Weir accepts a bouquet from a fan…, "Oh, I think that's his wife." Come on! On a skater doubling a jump…, "Oh, that was a [...]

Time to Modernize

I think it's time for skaters to drop the comfortable classics and bring figure skating into the 21st century! While the men and dance couples made a half-hearted stab at something more current, the women and pairs stuck to the classics, with few exceptions. Joannie Rochette's free program, skated to Don Juan, was executed with [...]

No Judging Controversy at Skate Canada

The crowd at Skate Canada didn't boo the judges once the entire weekend, which means the judging was either remarkably fair, or the new marking system is working. There were a few comments in the coffee line that Joannie Rochette was marked too generously, but overall the outcome seemed entirely reasonable. John Baldwin of American [...]

Sale and Pelletier Make Commentator Debut

I've always been a fan of Jamie Sale and David Pelletier and believe it will be years until we see another pair with that kind of talent, artistry and passion. This weekend the couple made their debut as commentators on CTV. Though I haven't heard much of their work yet (one drawback of watching the [...]