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Let the Season Begin!

The break is over. And what an intriguing start to the BC skating season. Here’s some of the news:

After being described in print as, “God’s reward to Joanne McLeod for the frustration of coaching Emanuel Sandhu,” it seems McLeod wasn’t down with not being in charge of every aspect of the young Leung’s training. According to the Vancouver Sun, McLeod dropped Leung, who is now training with Christine McBeth.

Emanuel Sandhu launched his new website. If the excessive Flash doesn’t break your computer, perhaps the ego-driven content will. This interview on ‘Sounds like Canada’ is an example of what I’m talking about.

Skating fans in Victoria and Vancouver… there are still seats available for Skate Canada in Victoria from Nov 2-5. If you can’t sign-up for the full event, they are selling a weekend pass for only $75. Check it out.

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