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How Figure Skating Works: Triple Lutz-Triple Toe Tutorial

Every now and then I try to explain the physics of figure skating. Since I majored in Fine Arts, not Physics, my explanations usually break down into violent arm gestures and long-winded diatribes on why figure skating is impossibly difficult! So, I was delighted to discover this articulate and beautifully rendered tutorial on the physics [...]

Top Technique Tip: How to Centre a Spin

When I taught an adult figure skating class at Canada Ice Dance Theatre, one of the big challenges for students was learning how to centre a one-foot spin. In truth, it’s more about practice than advice, but here are some tips that should help you out: Step into the centre of the circle to start [...]

Top Technique Tip: Spread Eagle

The spread eagle is synonymous with figure skating. It’s a common connecting step that’s all about gliding and grace, speed and perfection. Today’s Top Technique Tip will help you achieve a spread eagle that soars. Skaters of all levels can do spread eagles. Don’t be afraid to try. A spread eagle follows a circular curve [...]

How to Center a Spin

When I teach skating, one of the most popular questions is, “How do I center my spin?” It’s a difficult achievement but an important one. Here’s why. If you can center your spin, you won’t be nearly as dizzy as when you spin moving across the ice, also called ‘traveling’. Additionally, a centered spin turns [...]

Go Figure!

After posting a short while ago about compulsory figures a reader asked if I had any pictures of the designs figures make on the ice. Sure enough, I dug up some old skating books and found these diagrams. It's not quite the same as seeing tracings carved into the ice, but it gives an idea [...]