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Are Figure Skating Costumes Really That Bad?

Every Olympics I get all kinds of tweets, emails and texts from friends reeling from some pretty terrible figure skating costumes. Believe me, I know they exist. There are numerous blogs, like this Tumblr Skating Fugly, dedicated to gross get-ups. But, let’s be honest. Not every Olympic sport wins when it comes to costuming and [...]

Canadian Ice Dancers Make Olympic History

I feel so lucky! I was one of 11,000 skating fans at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver to witness Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dance their way to Olympic gold. It was an evening of perfection led by the Canadian duo whose complex, powerful and emotionally profound free dance left the audience in an awestruck, [...]

Lori Nichol, Choreography Queen

Choreography is the new quad. Patrick Chan and Joannie Rochette’s routines are evidence of just how critical good choreography is in making a skater competitive on the world stage. In Chan’s case, his intricate, dramatic footwork sequences and artistic embellishments almost make up for a shaky triple axel and no quad. It’s choreography, I believe, [...]

Olympians Hard at Work

On Monday I attended an Olympic figure skating practice at Pacific Coliseum. The men prepared for the short program event and the pairs got in their last practice before the free skate. When you’re at ice level, the athletes’ speed and power is spectacular! Here are some photos from the event:

Favourite Olympic Moments

Last week there was some discussion on another blog about favourite Olympic moments. Here is mine: My favourite Olympic moment was watching Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov complete a flawless free program in Calgary in 1988. I was a very young pairs skater at the time and was overwhelmed by their performance and its perfection. [...]

2010 Tickets On Sale Now

It’s been all about skating tickets here on Boot and Blade. For those of you with dreams of being an Olympic spectator, now’s the time to submit your ticket requests over at the official 2010 website. The purchase process is a bit confusing–as is the semi-functioning website–but once you figure out how to register for [...]

Get Four Continents 2009 Tickets Today

Being the 2010 Olympics host city sure has its benefits–if you can forget the construction nightmares and the Olympic news overdose. In preparation for the Games, all the Olympic venues must host a variety of events to ensure that they are ready to go for the big event. Last year we enjoyed the Canadian Figure [...]

Prediction: Gymnastics Will Warm Up to New Scoring System

It was fascinating to watch the new scoring system at work in the Olympic gymnastics event. As expected, it was the topic of much controversy and debate throughout the Games. The scoring system is no longer based on a top mark of 10; just as skating has dropped the 6.0 perfect score. The perfect 10 [...]