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Olympians Hard at Work

On Monday I attended an Olympic figure skating practice at Pacific Coliseum. The men prepared for the short program event and the pairs got in their last practice before the free skate. When you’re at ice level, the athletes’ speed and power is spectacular! Here are some photos from the event:

How Figure Skating Works: Triple Lutz-Triple Toe Tutorial

Every now and then I try to explain the physics of figure skating. Since I majored in Fine Arts, not Physics, my explanations usually break down into violent arm gestures and long-winded diatribes on why figure skating is impossibly difficult! So, I was delighted to discover this articulate and beautifully rendered tutorial on the physics [...]

How Figure Skating Works: The Science Behind the Art

First off, hello! The figure skating season is about to begin which means it’s time to start blogging here on Boot and Blade. Thanks for joining me again this season. Want to brush up on the sport before the first Grand Prix event? Check out How Figure Skating Works by Keltie Thomas, a delightful book [...]

Identifying Figure Skating Jumps: Toe Jumps and Edge Jumps

How do you tell one jump from the next? If you’re not a figure skater it can be tricky. There are two categories of jumps–toe jumps and edge jumps. Successfully identifying toe and edge jumps is the first step to being able to spot all the different jumps. In a toe jump, the toe pick [...]

Hooray for Muscle Memory

It’s been 13 years since I trained as a figure skater, but my body still remembers how to jump. I skate once a week for fun and fitness. Despite lacking good conditioning and the kind of guts figure skaters need today I can still land a good number of doubles. It always amazes me how [...]